Top 10 Tips to Reduce Hay Fever Symptoms

Get To Know Your Hay Fever so you can reduce your hay fever symptoms.  Hay Fever symptoms vary from person to person, as well as triggers and effective treatments, so take note of what’s going on for YOU.

Work with your care provider to develop an effective action plan with preventative steps to minimise the severity of your symptoms

The best approach is to put steps in place to try to prevent your symptoms and have a plan of action to reduce the severity of your symptoms when present.

  • Be aware of the pollen count – ‘high pollen warnings’ are given during weather forecasts on TV & Radio
  • Ask somebody else to cut your lawn – particularly during high pollen periods
  • When the pollen count is high, it is best to keep doors and windows closed
  • If you need to do some gardening, try to work with low pollen count days
  • Avoid grass-filled areas, like parks for example, particularly during high pollen count days or when the grass is being cut
  • Avoid hanging your clothes/bedsheets outside to dry during high pollen count days
  • Use cool water to splash / bathe your eyes .. to remove pollen & ease irritation
  • Avoid reusing tissues/handkerchiefs used to dry running eyes
  • Invest in a good pair of wrap-around sunglasses – this helps protect from pollen getting into your eyes
  • Avoid having flowers in the house
  • Avoid smoke-filled areas (smokers can find symptoms reduce when they quit smoking)
  • Be aware pets can bring in pollen from the outdoors
  • Some people find smearing a barrier product like Vaseline around the nostril edge prevents pollen from getting through
  • Some people find it helps to consume ‘local honey’ in the lead up to peak season.

Ideally, as with other preventative approaches, it is best to start a few months before peak season to assist your immune system in its response to pollen
Start Acupuncture treatment 4 – 6 weeks before Hay fever season begins to prevent and reduce symptoms

Natural Preventative Treatment for Hay Fever …

If you’re looking for an effective Hay fever preventative treatment that also helps alleviate Hay Fever symptoms in peak season … I would highly recommend Acupuncture.

” Acupuncture Worked For My 
Hay Fever & Energy Levels Soared ”

You can read more about Acupuncture here or call us to book an acupuncture appointment in our healthcare clinic

Reduce the severity of your Hay Fever Symptoms … Naturally.