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Nature’s Corner, formerly known as Cornucopia, located at South Square Macroom, was opened in 2003 following years of extensive training by owner Gerald, at the Irish College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including an intensive period studying Medical Qi Gong in Guangzhou University Hospital, China.

Nature’s Corner incorporates a health food store with a natural healthcare clinic to bring you the very best in natural healthcare. Our in-store whole food choices include; gluten free, sugar free and dairy free options. We also provide you with vitamin, mineral  & sports supplements, natural cosmetics & skincare products. We also stock Diabetic, Vegan & Organic Baby Food alternatives, and all this is supported with professional advice on nutrition, remedies and allergies both in-store and on a personal ‘one-to-one’ basis in our Natural Healthcare Clinic, where we provide detailed Food Intolerance Tests as well as other practices such as Acupuncture to provide you with the best ‘health insurance’ you could ask for!

Natural Healthcare Is What We Do

We’re here to help uncover the root cause of your health issues, our top of the range technology combined with professional training enables us to do just this. We’ve combined a health food store with a natural healthcare clinic to provide you with optimum care.
We use the most advanced, non-invasive and pain-free bio-energetic screening device to help identify and restore your body to its natural equilibrium. This technology enables us to screen you for sensitivities / intolerances / allergies to +300 food / beverage items as well as testing your current Vitamin & Mineral levels, Digestive Enzyme Levels, Essential Fatty Acids , Hormonal Profiles, Parasites and Heavy Metals.
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We’re here to help you .. the combination of our health food store with our clinic gives a holistic approach to wellness. You can also benefit from our additional services such as Acupuncture or Nutritional Advice as well as our professional advice in-store.

Our Clinic Services Include:


Food Intolerance Test Now Available In Our Clinic … Find Out More

You can now avail of our Full Body Screening system, which carries out detailed, non invasive health assessments. We screen you for reactions to + 300 food items & can perform hormonal analysis, Vitamin & Mineral assessments and many more tests.

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Nature’s Corner Health Store & Healthcare Clinic
(formerly Cornucopia) is located in South Square Macroom.

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Natural Healthcare Is What We Do