Health Store Macroom
Health Store Macroom
Health Store Macroom

Nature’s Corner is a Health Store in Macroom with an Onsite & Online Store & Acupuncture Clinic to give you the best Natural Healthcare solutions.

Nature’s Corner, Health Store, Macroom, brings together a health food store with a healthcare clinic, to bring you the best possible solutions for Natural Healthcare. Our Health food store in Macroom is located at South Square and is always well stocked with health foods, supplements, natural cosmetics, and skincare ranges.

We carry a large range of gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free options and we also stock Diabetic, Vegan & Organic Baby Food Alternatives. We provide as much support as possible in-store with professional advice on nutrition, remedies, and allergies, from Gerald and staff. Nature’s Corner also has a healthcare clinic upstairs providing Food Allergy Tests, Vitamin & Mineral tests, and Acupuncture clinic. We are also delighted to welcome you to our online store and hope to be able to serve you online as well as in-person at our health store in Macroom.

Food Intolerance Tests Available In Our Clinic

 Are You Suffering From A Food Intolerance?

Symptoms such as bloated tummy after food, low energy, digestive problems, headaches or just feeling tired all the time could indicate you are suffering from a Food Intolerance of Food Allergy.

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Health Store Macroom | Food Allergy Testing

Do You Want To Get To The Root Cause Of Your Health Issues ? Our Full Body Screening System Tests For Sensitivities To Hundreads Of Food Items

Health Store & Clinic For Complete Natural Healthcare Solutions

We’re here to support you with the very best & professional advice on Nutrition, Food Intolerance, Supplementation & Natural Remedies, both in store: where you’ll find plenty of dairy free, gluten free and sugar free options and in our Natural Healthcare Clinic: where you can benefit from practices such as Acupuncture, Custom made Natural remedies, Nutritional advice & Vitamin & Mineral testing..

Take Control Of Your Health, Visit Us or Book A Consultation Today

  • Personal Attention

  • Professional Advice

  • Continued Support

  • World’s #1 Bio-energetic Screening

  • Over 300 Food Items Tested

  • Vitamin & Mineral Test

  • Hormone Profiles Test

  • Parasites Test

  • Heavy Metals, Candida & More

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We Test You For Sensitivities To Over 300 Items

Our ‘Body Screening System’ is a non invasive, pain free test performed using the worlds #1 Bio-Energetic screening system, which tests the status of 40 major organs in your body, screens for food allergies and intolerances to over 300 food items and also enables us to test current Vitamin & Mineral Levels, Digestive Enzyme Levels, Hormonal Profiles and even test for parasites.

This comprehensive test gives us a clear picture of where your body is right now, what foods are causing ‘stress’ or intolerance in your body, what your current vitamin and mineral profile looks like and reveals if you are suffering from any deficiencies that may be causing you to feel unwell.

Having suffered various digestive issues for a few years & exhausting the medical route a friend of mine suggested I try an allergy test. Gerald tested me for various different food intolerance’s & based on my test results tailored a very specific food plan to suit my needs. The test was painless & quick & the improvement was immediate. My symptoms of bloating, gas and constipation are now very much under control & the nutrient deficiency test made all the difference to my energy levels.The personal care & attention I received was excellent & I highly recommend Gerald’s clinic to all my friends.
I’ve attended Gerald’s Acupuncture Clinic for hormonal issues over the past few years. My irregular periods were very painful and 2 weeks out of each month were taken up trying to deal with the pain and discomfort.

I have found the combination of Acupuncture, herbs and dietary advice that Gerald prescribed in his clinic has changed my life. So much so that every few weeks I have a top up!! Also my energy levels and mood has improved. Thanks Gerald.

I’ve been a customer of Gerald’s Health food store for years.In that time i have had many health issues. Each time Gerald and his staff have given freely of their time and expertise.The shop is very well stocked and the staff are always innovating with new products,

They are professional, knowledgeable and friendly and nothing is too much trouble. Often I just needed somebody to talk to and listen to my story. The service Nature’s Corner provides is invaluable.

Joan McAullife

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