Are You Suffering From A Food Intolerance ?

We Screen For Reactions To Over 300 Items


  • Bloated tummy after food
  • Low energy levels
  • Digestive problems
  • Headaches
  • Itchy skin
  • Tired all the time
  • Unexplained weight gain / loss

These Symptoms Could Indicate A Food Intolerance

Our ‘FULL Body Screening System’ tests for reactions to hundreds of food items.

PLUS… we also check your Vitamin & Mineral levels
for a complete picture as to why you feel ‘unwell’.

Our state of the art non-invasive screening system scans your body easily and quickly to uncover any Food Intolerance or Sensitivity you may be suffering from.  This is the worlds #1 Bio- Energetic screening system which tests the status of 40 major organs in your body, screens for Food Intolerance or Sensitivity to over 300 food items.

The system also enables us to test for Vitamin & Mineral deficiencies, along with Digestive Enzyme Levels, Essential Fatty Acids, Hormone Profiles and tests for Parasites, Environmental issues such as Heavy Metals & Candida. Once the screening process is complete, the ‘problem’ foods will be identified, any Vitamin or Mineral deficiency will be uncovered and you take home an easy to understand computerised report, outlining your plan of action and the foods you need to reduce or avoid.


Immediate Results & You Get Detailed Reports To Take Home

Our screening system enables us to share the test results with you straight away, you literally watch your body being scanned in front of you, resulting in a more complete consultation. You also receive clear and detailed reports to take home with you. These reports will show your body’s reaction to certain food / beverages as well as your current Vitamin & Mineral levels and these reports will serve as your customised programme to adhere to for at least 6 weeks.

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FAQs On Food Intolerance Tests

It is best to allow approximately 1 hour for your first visit to facilitate taking patient history  / symptoms and your test.
Not at all … the screening system we use is non invasive, painless,  fast and effective.

The energetic screening system we use carries out accurate, detailed, non invasive health assessments within minutes. We test your response against a wide variety of test signatures maximising insight relating to internal organs, food preferences, environmental contaminants,nutritional factors, toxins, emotional patterns and many more. While a blood test gives us certain information, its scope and accuracy can be limited.A blood test can measure certain things, for example; if iron levels are low, blood cell count, raised enzyme activity but generally it cannot tell us why these things are happening.

Yes indeed it is. Not only is it as accurate but also we can get some insights in to WHY a person is showing a sensitivity to a particular food item.  For example; You may have an issue with digesting fats. This information is good to know, but what is as  important is ‘why’ you’re having this issue. There could be a number of reasons for this and unless we identify the underlying reason/reasons even if we eliminate the offending food/beverage when we reintroduce the food item the symptoms will return.The screening system we use is one of the very few screening systems on the market which can help us identify these underling issues causing the pattern of disharmony.

Yes, there is a vast difference.  A food allergy is an immune reaction to a specific food. It will occur each and every time you eat that food no matter how minute the amount. A food allergy occurs when your immune system mistakenly believes a food is dangerous and produces specific immunoglobulin E (ie) antibodies to neutralize that substance.

As part of this process your body will release histamine as well as other chemicals into your bloodstream anytime you eat the offending food. These chemicals cause the entire range of allergic symptoms which in some cases can be fatal.

In the case of a Food Intolerance / Reaction / Sensitivity – your immune system is not involved. Typically the food will irritate your digestive system because you are unable to properly digest or break down the food. You may be able to tolerate small amounts of a food without symptoms but experience a reaction if larger amounts are consumed. Symptoms may not occur immediately but days later, typically 12 – 72 hrs later. Also with a food intolerance your body may be deficient in a substance necessary to break down a certain food. For example: The lactase enzyme which assists your body in the breakdown of lactose which is found in diary products.

Once your test is complete, you will be advised to reduce or avoid the foods / beverages you showed a sensitivity to at time of testing for approximately 6 weeks. Initially you may crave the very foods you are reacting to. This is especially the case with sugar, caffeine and refined carbohydrates.

You may feel tired, cranky and experience mild headaches, mild skin rashes and nausea. Also your sleep may be disturbed for a night or two. This is a typical reaction as the body starts to cleanse itself and readjust to the dietary changes. The good news is that these feelings are short lived. You will start to feel much better after 24 to 48 hours. At this time I suggest you increase your water intake to assist the body with the cleansing process and helps avoid constipation. When you start to feel more energetic I suggest increasing your exercise regime. After the 6 weeks, if you so wish you can slowly reintroduce the previously restricted foods one by one. If however you feel a reaction to any of these foods you are advised to contact the clinic.

A follow up appointment is recommended after the 6 week period, where we can chart your progress and make any necessary changes to your personalised care plan going forward and as always if you have any questions please give us a call.

Having suffered various digestive issues for a few years & exhausting the medical route a friend of mine suggested I try an allergy test. Gerald tested me for various different food intolerance’s & based on my test results tailored a very specific food plan to suit my needs. The test was painless & quick & the improvement was immediate. My symptoms of bloating, gas and constipation are now very much under control & the nutrient deficiency test made all the difference to my energy levels.The personal care & attention I received was excellent & I highly recommend Gerald’s clinic to all my friends.

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