Natural Hay Fever Relief

Natural Hay Fever relief.. what are your options?

When it comes to Natural Hay Fever Remedies there are a number of options available to you.

In terms of supplements to help with Hay Fever, I usually suggest some natural anti-histamines. I like to combine these with some form of immune support and in some circumstances a nasal spray to alleviate localised symptoms.

What is Hay Fever & What causes it?

Hay Fever is a common condition, caused by an allergic-type response to airborne substances, such as plant pollen. The ‘reaction’ produces symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion and sinus pressure.

While these symptoms may sound similar to that of a common cold, Hay fever sufferers will tell you the condition can be quite debilitating and exhausting particularly during peak Hay fever season.

The Hay Fever Season …

The Hay fever season can start in early spring around the time when the lawns get the first cut after Winter.

So the Hay fever season can span from mid-March approximately right up until mid-August.

Symptoms can vary in severity, particularly during peak season. At this time some people’s symptoms become so severe they are unable to carry out regular daily tasks and require medical treatment.

Standard Hay Fever Treatments …

Standard Hay fever treatment usually involves taking regular ‘antihistamine’ medication.  However, some people find antihistamines don’t actually work for them.  Or they forget to take them regularly which affects their efficiency.

Other people prefer the ‘non- chemical’ approach to help Hay Fever and use alternative treatments for both treating symptoms and as an effective preventative strategy to deal with their symptoms.

Natural Hay Fever Relief …

Natural Hay Fever Relief SupplementAs mentioned earlier, natural anti-histamines such as ‘BioCare Quercetin Plus’, a product that combines the nutrients Quercetin, Bromelain with Nettles and Vitamin C is one of my favourites to use for Hay Fever.

For Maximum Results with Natural Hay Fever Relief …

For best results, I would combine the first product with some form of immune support such as “Beta Glucans and Elderberry Immune Complex’.

There are actually quite a few products that I could suggest to you for a natural approach to Hay Fever support.  I’ve put together my top 10 products, including these already mentioned, for your convenience. All these products are available from our online store. Check out the Hay Fever and Allergy support department HERE.   Or if you are in the area you can pick them up in-store also.

Top 10 Natural Hay Fever Solutions for Hay Fever Relief  Click Here for the list of products.


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