A. Vogel Luffa Complex Drops

//A. Vogel Luffa Complex Drops

A. Vogel Luffa Complex Drops


A. Vogel Luffa Complex Drops (50 ml tincture)  is a combination of seven tropical herbs including American Spikenard, Heartseed, Golden Thryallis, Luffa, Chapparal, Okoubaka, and Toothpick Weed.

All of these natural, effective ingredients work wonderfully together to support and provide great benefit for those who suffer with Hay fever.

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May help cleanse the nasal passages of pollen and other allergens such as dust.

Restores fluid and moisture in the nasal passages, making the nose feel soothed and more comfortable.

Can be used by children from 2 years plus, simply add a few drops to a little water.

Also suitable in protecting against allergic rhinitis.
Can be used with other hayfever remedies


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